Friday, August 8, 2008

Dolphin's Den

I had been telling Chip for two days that we could go down to Avon so he could get a present for Marnie. Yesterday seemed like the perfect day, insofar as the diet Mountain Dew had gone critical (we were OUT), and Mac & Maggies only had regular. Eventually, everybody wound up going, in two cars.

We had dinner at the Dolphin Den, because it's locally famous and Hank wanted to see if it lived up to its reputation. We were early enough to beat the line, so we went on in. Even at 5:30, the place was lively. By the time we left, the line was out in the parking lot. I digress.

The seafood was really good, as was the cornbread. We had crab dip and potato skins as appetizers, and the potato skins were the ones made from real potatoes and other stuff on-site, not frozen. The only disappointing thing was Sarah's lasagna, and she said it was what she deserved for ordering lasagna at a seafood restaurant. I shared my scallops with her, and Hank shared his seafood casserole, so it worked out okay. Trey had softshell crabs which he loved. I appreciate adventurousness in an eater.

My only issue with the Dolphin Den is the dumb name. Dolphins do not have dens or anything resembling them. Dolphins just swim around and eat fish wherever they happen to be. Porpoises without purposes, as it were. Dolphin'Den indeed! It made me think of someone's basement recreation room with a large, stuffed fish over the mantle. (Obviously a large, stuffed seagoing mammal would be in bad taste.)

After dinner, the kids went down to Buxton to play putt-putt, and Hank and I stocked up on Dews and Pop Tarts. A citronella candle kept the mosquitoes at bay on the back deck, and we watched night settle over the sound. Do we really have to go back on Saturday?

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