Thursday, August 7, 2008

And Today's Sweet Story

I forgot to mention this, but I have to stick in in here because it's pretty nifty. Little Alex* called Sarah Monday night at 11:30, which alarmed everyone, but it turns out, her boyfriend, Mitchell, had proposed. The WAY he proposed was just the coolest:

He and Alex met because both of them work for the Newport News Pilots baseball team in the summers. They're both huge baseball fans (don't talk nasty about the Yankees to Alex), and both have sports management degrees that they're actually using in baseball. Alex will move to Richmond this fall to work for the Diamondbacks. Anyway, on Monday night, the Pilots had a little ceremony during the 7th inning stretch, to honor Alex and Mitchell and all their hard work for the past three years. They had them come out to the pitcher's mound, and the manager made a little speech about them and said he'd made a slide show of their tenure with the team.

The slide show was one slide, and it was "Will You Marry Me?" on a poster. Alex gasped and turned around to find Mitchell on his knees, holding a baseball he had cut in half, with an engagement ring nestled inside. The whole team applauded, then made an arch of baseball bats for them to walk under back to the stands. How sweet is that?

*Little Alex was Sarah and Suz's suitemate their sophomore year, then housemate for the last two years. She's "Little Alex," because Jeff's housemate is "Big Alex." He's not all that big, but Little Alex is five feet tall, and that's with heels on.

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