Saturday, July 3, 2010

Leavin' for the Beach -- Eventually

It wasn't easy, all those months ago, to find a house in the Mirlo Beach section of Rodanthe for two weeks in July.  This is the house we came up with; it'll probably work.  Just thought it would be helpful to provide a backdrop for our adventures, if we ever get there, or have any.

Hank and I are in Pulaski, waiting for him to finish a day shift in the ER.  Sarah and Jeff are probably on Hatteras Island by now, but the 3.5 hour trip from Richmond took them almost six, thanks to the traffic.  Dave and Pam are on the road, too, as are, presumably, Scott and Autumn. Guy will be meeting Chip at the airport in Charlotte on Monday, and bringing him down straight from there.  Ashley will arrive on Tuesday, Suz and Brent on Wednesday, Kelly and Jill on Friday, and assorted Kilgores on the 11th.  Meanwhile, Sarah has to go back to Harrisonburg to work Wednesday-Friday.  My head is already spinning.

I wish someone could just knock me unconscious two days before time to leave, pack me up with the luggage, and wake me up when we get there.  No such luck.

Further bulletins, believe me, as events warrant.