Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireworks on the Fourth

Our fourth-floor loft has a porch outside, and most of us gathered there at dusk to watch the fireworks. From that lofty height, we could see the small, silent, blooms of fireworks all the way down in Hatteras, plus the much larger illegals that people still set off here in Rodanthe. Our main goal was to watch the big show that was going on at Avon Pier, about 22 miles south. (And it is amazing that we could see the fireworks in Hatteras (40 miles south), Avon (22 miles south), Nags Head (24 miles north) and Manteo (36 miles northwest). Flat has its uses.)

The bulk of the house was behind us, to the north, and it blocked our view of the neighbors, which explains why Suzanne's boyfriend, Brent, did the "duck and cover" maneuver when they set off some huge and wholly illegal fireworks next door. He said, and I quote, "I couldn't see the lights! I thought it was gunfire!" There's a lot of him, and he folded up like a Japanese fan. Fortunately, he was among friends who will let him live this down sometime. Maybe. Before he's old.

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Lindsey said...

Hey, I hope you are keeping all of your writings for your family history. We are blessed to have such a creative mind among us with the intellect to express same in cohesive prose. Much love, Lindy